Grid Soil Sampling:

Curious where you could improve your soil nutrient quality? We offer soil sampling services to help determine where you could be lacking in essential nutrients that could result in lower crop yields.

Water Management:

We are proud to be able to offer CropMetrics Soil Moisture Probes to our customers. These probes provide the most advanced soil moisture data to our customers to eliminate wasteful overwatering or prevent underwatering in your fields. Data from these multi-depth soil moisture monitoring probes will be wirelessly transferred to a website where you can log on and view current data. For monitoring convenience you as a producer can even sign up for text and email alerts!

Data Management:
  • Variable Rate Seeding
  • Variable Rate Irrigation
  • Yield Map Analysis and Printing
  • Learning Blocks
  • Grid Sampling and Variable Rate Fertilization Recommendation
  • Bring farm specific information for custom recommendations
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